Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jackson Ranch, sunset

One of the most photogenic set-up evenings,
late afternoon, early evening...
east side wind.
east side space.
Set the tone for the weekend.

an awesome weekend.
White Sulphur Springs hosted a damn good party.
and put up some wonderful artists....

just a snippet of the talent...
(I bought her cd's, and listened to her all the way home)

Kendl Winter.

more photos to come, 
and probably a story or two.

xoxo Erin

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

See you there, ya'll!
I'll be in the front when Merle hits the stage,
gypsy-sellin the rag and stone,
drinkin' local brews,
or dancing like a fool!

Merle Haggard.
Silver Wings.

xoxo Erin

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

buzz of summer

A shot of my morning.
intoxicating peony.
a hot torch.
a pickle pot bubbling away.

a cool breeze builds my spirits this morning,
and swirls the coffee steam in hand.
This music plays:

I've time to reflect this morning, 
on friendships and words exchanged.
I have wonderful people in my life.
really wonderful.
In a time of life where I can't help but grow up,
these people save me from the dark parts of myself.
These people are my lightness.
The laughter and kindness,
the words of support and wisdom,
I am so lucky.

One comment sticks to me like glue this morning:
"your shoulder season work is so much more....well....marinated"


What I think he meant:
You, in the summertime, are a blur of a creative person.
frantic. busy. traveling.
There is no time for reflection in that bit of blur.
and how true that is.
Summer is a blur.
and it goes by so quickly in the northwest.

But this morning,
this morning I am slowing down.
Take a good look around you, Erin.

I am thankful.
Thankful for the blur, the buzz of summer in the mountains,
the good work and help of others, 
in the rag and stone world and otherwise.

Happy summer, ya'll.
Hope yours is buzzing too.

xo Erin