Tuesday, April 30, 2013

To evolve...

Portion of a Blog post 4/10/12 (this time last year):

Albert Einstein once said "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." And I really believe that. Educate yourself the way that works for you, and to hell with everyone else..... So here's to the emerging beetle bug. It wakes up in the dark of it's nest....hiding in the cover of the winter.....not quite lost, but teetering in the newfound light of spring.....from safety and comfort.


After much thought and deliberation...

the beetle goes in the shop. 


Druzy and Yellow Sapphire,
Handcrafted, and dear to my heart.
A sentimental piece.
But life goes on...
and we all...



xo erin.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scavenger hunt....

Scavenger, oh yes you are.

Scanning the dirt outside, always.
Finding remnants of what was...
the passing of seasons is scary lately for you.
A metaphor for your restlessness.

Pine needles, pebbles...
patterns over time.
Feathers too.
Oh, those weightless feathers.

Springtime is coming....
spring rain and sunshine.

So be happy, little Scavenger.
Seasons are changing.
Colors are coming.


A few silk doo-dads.
Happy colors,
playful and simple.
All knots and textures.
And of course, a feather.

28" long silk splashes of spring,
to wear, even with a flannel.

in the SHOP

Monday, April 22, 2013

New Work. Scavenger.

Remnants of a season past,
rocks and sticks and leaves,
feathers and pine needles.
Textures that are found
on the ground.

This is a scavenger's collection.
A collector's palette.

~Crazy Lace Agate~
Brass and Sterling Silver
Size 9.

~Lapis Lazuli~
Brass and Sterling Silver
Size 7.

~Labradorite Teardrop~
Brass and Sterling Silver Pendant

~Montana Agate Pendant~
Brass and Sterling, too.


I am a Scavenger,
eyes to the dirt below me.
are you?


In the shop.

Etsy Shop....Birch Creek Designs


Another talented LOCAL Etsy Shop!
and.... she's doing a Mother's Day giveaway!

Here's the scoop:

Her Facebook.

You could really use this cute stuff for your mama, I just know it!
Go show Janina some love and ENTER!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Etsy shop....Montana Photo Journal


I stumbled upon this wonderful photography yesterday...
Look at this talented lady's work.

This is, to me, a fresh perspective on rural.
This photography is Honest. Bright. New.
I am instantly at home and in love with Montana when I see her work.
The color.  The space.  The Big Sky.
plus, she's in my neck of the woods!
(Montana is HUGE, and by my neck of the woods, I mean under 400 miles.
if you can drive there in 5 hours, it's still in the hood.)
You can see her shop HERE.


“I’m in love with Montana.

 For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection.

 But with Montana it is love. "

-John Steinbeck

Friday, April 19, 2013

NPR's Tiny Desk: Lord Huron

I just discovered Tiny Desk.

This one is my fave lately....

and it goes well with the spring of the Northwest,
drizzling rain today,
gray, but not sad.
Green is right around the corner,
and today...

today the rain smells like hapiness.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morning Tunes...

Turn that Monday...
into a Tuesday.

Paramore's new cd.
Tunes over coffee this morning fixes everything : )

Monday, April 15, 2013

Today's conversation.

Speak up.
Your world lately is a bag of gray.
Your words are mismatched.
Your face with two sides seems to hide from the sun.
You're all blank stares and sharp tongue.

You seem to have lost something, 
but really aren't sure what to look for.
Is it your world?
Has it become too small for you and the life you thought you wanted?
The bricks on your feet are apparent...
even I can see that.

What the hell are you doing?
What are you waiting for?
Those wandering eyes and wavering heart are exhausting.
You are wearing me out like pencil lead...

I am sick of this inherent second-guessing of yourself
and the world you created.
Either lay in the bed you made,
or burn it.

We both know dead-ends are also beginnings.

I am tired of your flip-flopping.
of your incessant dilly-dallying.
You have a million things to do,
and still RIGHT NOW are avoiding your day.

I need you to cooperate with me.
I need you to hear me out.
I need you to get it going.
Whatever *it* is.

I understand you aren't sure which way
the best way is.
Well, lemme tell ya'.
There ISN'T one.

This shit is hard.
and you chose it.
There is no blame for your frustrations...
because YOU are your frustrations.
You are not the average joe,
so stop acting like one.

There is no perfect formula,
and this is not about math.
This is your gut and your heart here...
and you're pretty keen on using both usually.

So what's the big deal?
You afraid? Lost? Lazy? 
a combination?

Tired. yes.
I know.

But really, who isn't?
you aren't so special in your way, 
and everyone's bound to re-evaluate.

That's what they call growth.
and it's good.

Better than you think.
Believe me.
You can thank me later.



Friday, April 12, 2013

Lionheart, Warrior #4

Oh Little Lionheart.
I see you standing
in a fog of your own doubt
and misfortune.
Skinned knees and soggy eyes.

But a fire is stoking inside you.
Burning coals eventually light something
bigger and brighter.

Like a twig snapping in the forest,
something snaps inside you.
Snaps you out of your misfortunes,
your repetitions,
your struggles and your mistakes.

You pick yourself up,
dust yourself off,
and stuff one foot in front of the other.
Up and forward,
pulling on those bootstraps.

Believe in yourself, little lion.
Your strength is a part of you, 
ingrained in you.
It's a part of your heritage,
a long line of strength and honor.

A long line of fighters.

Extraordinarily Courageous you ARE.

You are a woman.
A part of this family...
(No coincidence they call a family of lions a PRIDE.)

Don't forget that,
Keep stuffing your steps forward.

Big and Bold,
with a golden heart and crown.

Mook Jasper from Australia.

Size 8.25 on a medium band.