Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Off to do a little hiking this week.
Backpacking season is here!

I've not been in a few years, so this is truly a treat.
4 days, 3 nights.

No phone. No internet. No distractions.
A time to remember why I live in this awesome state.  

I'll be back monday to do some photo posting...

Glacier National Park.

ummm, yes please.

Off to the store, to find all things dehydrated. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Missoula,


Thank you.

Your overwhelming support and rad-ness...
it's inspiring.

Your tattoos are incredible.

Your handmade creativity. whoah.

Your quirky artsy MADE fair stinkin' rocks.

Caras Park is wonderful.

And to the guy who made the Tangerine Sorbet...
will you marry me?

Love, Erin

So I guess all I can do is....head back to the studio.


Soaked in hip-ness.

drenched in Zoo-town.


to say the least.

And I've got to find a sorbet.
nothing worth comparison to the stuff I had. 
But it'll have to do.  

Last night's drive wasn't to shabby either.

Flathead lake all pink-y and calm.

I love where I live.

Have I said that lately?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gearing up for the Missoula Made fair!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday 11-6

Caras Park.

Now, back to the studio....
pumping out some awesome-ness today!  
Pics to come : )

Monday, June 18, 2012

Today I feel like I am playing catch-up.
Blog has been low-totem-pole item this week.

So much stuff has been rocking my world, and I love it!

The studio has been re-arranged....
a new soldering station that I think will work better than before....
a nice little work table,
for drawing and drinking tea : )

I've picked up some awesome custom work,
wedding bands and such.


And The markets have started!
There's nothing that makes me happier...
really and truly...

besides maybe snow in June.

And, I know this isn't an awesome shot...
a grace-less fumble for the iphone 
from the drivers seat of the truck.
but that, folks...

is SNOW!

June 7th, it snowed on the mountain downtown.  And then it was a bluebird, gorgeous day.

We have had a little of everything this month.

Torrential downpours at the markets....

My tent was a welcome retreat this week,
I think we crammed 3 strollers, 5 teenagers, and 5 adults in that thing...

and all the soggy weather...

 Just makes for better hiking!

This is the top of Apgar Lookout, in Glacier National Park.

With my dear friends, Katie and Marti.

A nice window looking down to Lake McDonald.
Soggy, but oh so worth it.

Here comes summer, and I haven't much jewels to show for it yet.
This week is major cram time.


I'm going to the MISSOULA MADE FAIR!

Woooooop Woooooop!

Come say Hi this Sunday, at Caras Park.

I will have awesome jewels, I promise.

Happy Summer, 
Much love,


Monday, June 4, 2012

Feathers and Turquoise

Solitaire Tibetan Turquoise ring

In Etsy-Land today !

And the shot of the feathers together...
each specific to their stone.

So stinkin' cute together.

Sorry to have been such a sporadic "blogger".  I have been preoccupied with dirt and seeds in the garden, the new chicken's home outside (thank goodness, chickens stink!) my thoughts all around the weeks gone by,

a blur of grays and greens.

I am stuck on this idea of feathers and turquoise.

Tibetans believe many things about Turquoise, they call it "gyu" .
You have one piece for your life, that changes when you change.
Color, clarity, vibrance.

A talisman meant just for you, specific to your world, your life.

And there are feathers everywhere lately.

on the ground,
behind the rock,
under the truck,
hiding under the porch,
stuck in the brush....

I found one the other day,

jesse says it's from an osprey.

I have been drawing feathers too,
journaling a little...
It seems sometimes the written word is 

sometimes necessary.


Wicked week here, filled with sad news, and grief.


I feel like this concept has it's perfect timing.

turquoise and feathers.

Lost Feathers.

 the leftovers of our hardships.
melting away old pieces,
only to be replaced by stronger ones.

for higher flying.

time to fly.  Don't you agree?