Sunday, July 29, 2012

First Strawberries!

Bare Root Plants in the ground planted on 6/12...
first crop coming in this week.

So stinking exciting.

and soooo delish over angel food cake.
(that's the plan, although i know they're half gone as i type)


Summer is zinging by, doesn't it feel like that?  I can't believe it's almost seems like just yesterday we were building a place to PUT the strawberries, and now, I am reaping the benefits of my own garden. cool.  

I feel so fortunate this summer to be able to really focus on my work, my home, and my garden.  What a blessing, really....I admitted to a stranger at the farmer's market last week that "i feel like such a spoiled at least i own it, right?!" and she laughed....but REALLY, i was serious.

Farmers markets have been just wonderful this year, and I've been able to meet and greet REAL LIVE etsy customers, give them a hug, watch them show off their jewels to potential farmers market customers, and man, I can't say what a great and humbling experience that is.  Just to know you've started something...something people connect with, and like, and seek out, is actually kind of....well....crazy.

Hope your summer is kickin' ass and takin' names, too.

Cheers, Erin

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Feathers and Carnelian

 Feathers and Turquoise....
and this time a splash of orange-red.


For laughing, patience and wealth...
Carnelian protects us and gives us a boost...

a metaphysical kick in the pants, so to speak.

I am in love with this combination. 
Turquoise is an addiction lately.

The feathers too...

I can't stop!


in the shop tonight : )

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hockaday Hipstamatic

some shots with the magic Iphone...

gall, I love that contraption.

 great shot of a wonderful friend Callie Cooper,
and her beaded jewels, that really, boggle my mind.
So stinkin' tiny and delicate.
Her patience must be that of a saint.

What a good weekend....

one more day tomorrow, and the start time is at 10 am.....

so that means some beer for me....

and some tex time.

(How can you not love that face, really?)

Hope your saturday evening treats you well, too.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Last year,

I was feeling...
a little *dried up*

to say the least.

I was pissy.





All I wanted to do was sit in my studio and create....

that was it. 

In the center of my heart burned this intense need to create....then....

and still does.

This summer...

my pots are blooming...

Life is good.

Amazing what a little *water* will do.

My fingers are sore...



but. excited to work.

They can't move fast enough, really.

My desk is a pile of ideas...

mom would say "a big ol' rat's nest!"

An overflowing sense of purpose...



commitment to this craft....

something I've never had before.

Where I wake up in the morning, and really truly
am excited to set foot into my "work"

and it's hardly that.

I love it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Open places...

Happy Independence Day!

Thanks to all those who have sacrificed...

freedom is a wonderful thing.

big places.

open spaces.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A little on feathers....

oh how I wish I were a bird... 

I have been exploring this idea.
feathers and sterling.
so opposite...yet I feel like they somehow understand eachother.

Feathers for flying.
Amulets of lightness, 
in all that heaviness.

Feathers for escape, and release.
for traveling higher,

And the turquoise...

who doesn't love turquoise?

Tibetans believe a lot of things about turquoise,
some things I believe carry on to our culture, this day-and-age.

An age where we forget we have feathers,
our freedom is defined by borders we make ourselves.
boxes in place where creativity lacks, or never was an option.
Freedoms we sometimes forget even exist.
*stuck* is sometimes a figment of imagination.
or lack thereof.
*can't* is a dark place, 
with no direction,
and no air.
*won't* is a short ceiling.

Tibetans believe Turquoise is the only stone you'll ever need.
the only compass and lifetime companion you have.

Turquoise is life-blood. 

The *essence*
the *Gyu* (pronounced *yi*)

Turquoise travels with you in life, 
changes color with the waining and waxing of your path,
your mood, your health, your *essence*

Turquoise keeps you from falling.



Today's feather...

sterling silver and tibetan turquoise.

In the Shop today.

Here's to flight without fear, eh?