Friday, September 6, 2013

Perennial Warriors

Two rings, and a Necklace.
Of the Perennial Flowers in my garden.
All Mook Jasper, from Australia.
In mustard golds and purples..

Aster, Black-Eyed Susan, and Crocosmia,
my current late summer favorites.

Purple Aster 
Perennial Warrior Ring
(5 in a series of 12)

Back Detail, with an arrow and a tiny Aster on the band.
Fits like a very comfortable 7.5,
even with the fatty warrior band.
In the shop.


Miss Black Eyed Susan
Perennial Warrior Ring
(6 in a series of 12)

Back Detail, 
with a pierced arrow for protection.

Ring fits like a 6.75-7 on a hammered double-band.
In the shop.


And A Necklace.
Of the Warrior Nature, 
the Perennial Nature.
The first of her kind.

Crocosmia: Emily Mackenzie
Necklace hangs like an 18" chain.
With Stamen, Hummingbird piercing, and a dangling arrow.


It would be not fair to give this thought process,
and this series,
a bit of explanation.
of exploration.
Something near and dear to me lately,
as I planted my Perennial garden this week,
and have found myself a gardening fool.
(The dirt and I really have a good relationship)
I've been dreaming of flowers to come,
beds to raise,
paths to make.

So a little on the Warrior.
Of the Perennial nature:

I believe we are all seasonal creatures.
The smells, the ground, the food.
The spinach has gone to seed,
and late summer vegetables swell in harvest weather.

And with those signs of a coming cool-ness...
we change.

Not consciously,
but more of a reaction to our surroundings,
environmental changes,
the weather, the sun, the air.

You can FEEL when the weather changes.
You, as a creature of the earth, KNOW.
Seasons change.
And change never comes without a certain amount of embrace...
or resistance.

so what will it be, little warrior?
Will you embrace this next season?
This leaf is turning,
regardless if you agree or not.
So it seems the choice is yours.
Seasons continue to come and go.
Flowers force their last of blooms,
bees are slow to move in the late summer mornings,
and they slow not by choice,
but by their inherent nature.
By forces beyond their control.

What will it be?
Embrace or Resist?
What is YOUR inherent nature?

An arrow for you,
for this change of seasons....


xo Erin