Thursday, March 13, 2014

Deer Totems for Spring

I came across a lovely little read this last weekend while enjoying the company of my most favorite of people. In and out of winter play, I found myself sneaking in bits of reading time next to the fire.  I came across a copy of "Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals"and could not leave it alone...

The story of the deer resonated well with me that weekend, and still is very much a part of my daily meditation.  With all the deer visiting in and around the studio within an arms reach (if the door weren't closed!), I can't help but meditate on these gentle creatures. 

Deer Totem Ring: 
*Be Gentle with Yourself*
stamped letters wrapped around your finger...

an excerpt from "Medicine Cards"...

Deer teaches the need for compassion and kindness towards others and yourself. Don't drive yourself so harshly! Be gentle with yourself, and you will cease to project your fears onto others. Deer is a power animal that is directing you towards a serenity of heart, mind and spirit. Gentleness has the power to melt a heart of stone.

*Gentle Heart*
A pendant of Two Deer
standing over a rectangle of Willow Creek Jasper.

As a power animal, Deer stresses that there are other ways than force, and shows that there is a power in the gentle word and touch, and that strength comes through caring.
You are confronted by those whose attitudes cause you pain and sorrow, and sometimes even fear. But it is they who are the wounded ones, and whoever tries to help them will only make matters worse. To soothe them you must touch their hearts with the healing balm of the gentle spirit and the embrace of kindness.

The Gentle Way Ring,
a fawn in sterling silver.
spots and all.
Wild Horse Jasper.
The backside reads 
Size 6.5 & In the shop.

If Deer has gently nudged its way into your cards today, you are being asked to find the gentleness of spirit that heals all wounds. Stop pushing so hard to get others to change, and love them as they are. Apply gentleness to your present situation and become like the summer breeze: warm and caring. This is your tool for solving the present dilemma you are facing. If you use it, you will connect with Sacred Mountain, your centering place of serenity, and Great Spirit will guide you.

I find myself staring out the window of the studio,
watching these gentle animals...
wondering about their story,
and the story of the Medicine Cards.

You can find a copy of this lovely read HERE,
I enjoyed it.
xo Erin