Friday, May 30, 2014

note: to nest.


Springtime has got me nesting.
Our hills are full of snow,
the valley floor an electric green.
There's baby chickens in our garage,
the peas and radishes are up,
and Lucky Red thinks she's part of our human family.  
The front porch of our home is also now her space...
And I'm not even mad about it.

This season is undoubtedly my favorite.
My studio is at a quiet rest,
mostly waiting on fresh silver in the mail....
My hands are constantly in the soft dirt of our third season in this garden.
Iris swell with buds ready to pop,
and that front porch is a maze of bohemian living.
Guitars, hammocks, muddy boots, rag-rugs, and yard tools.
I had some iced tea in a mason jar yesterday
and I am living in sandals and wool sweaters.
Between rainstorms, sunny afternoons, and short hail spurts,
it's a grande time dodging the weather in and out of this home.

Summer's buzz is around the corner, 
and I savor every sunny minute of Montana's late spring.
Hope your little nest is full of sunshine and fuzz too.
To the richness of it all, ya'll.
And the inches of mud piling in corners of my home from hardworking boots.

XO Erin