Monday, April 13, 2015

This Blog is a'movin!

Just as time and people and places
in the jump of spring and in the nature of growth....

I've decided, humbly, to leave my beloved blogger
and publish words and photos directly from my website.
It's been a long road, Blogger and I.
Nearly 5 years of learning the ropes as an artist and writer and blog-newbie. 
Some of these posts from years past bring back up fearsome growing pains
reminiscent of early days and painful lessons,
some of beautiful exploration and hopeful newness.
And there is nothing more lovely than humble beginnings. 
It hurts me a little to close this door, so I've decided....

This blog will continue to stay open as Archives, 
available for exploration,

But, my friends, It is time to move forward.
I will be HERE from now on...

and you can watch me evolve from this path to my new one. 
Come on over!
Join me!

XO Erin