Monday, July 26, 2010

out with the old, in with the new!

This is the studio I packed up in April....I still miss it! Kind of a mess, but such a creative place for me this last winter....I created a lot of fun things here for the farmers market this summer, some of which have been very hard to part with! It was my very first working in-home studio I have ever had, something I am so lucky to have had.... I am in the process of creating a studio space in my new home, complete with the most gorgeous working Jeweler's bench my boyfriend Jesse finished for me last week...Gotta love a man who makes furniture for you (and not just any furniture, this desk is a beautiful piece of work in itself)! I will post pictures of this awesome desk here soon.
I never understood "artistic space" more than I ever have here in this little room, lots of learning, lots of growth. I believe some people are natural artists who give their every inch of life to creating, i also believe some of us have to work harder to let go and make creating the priority. I am definitely the second, I find life is full of all kinds of direction, almost too much, so easily distracted and confused, the blur of life can suck up all your creative energy....there is a real ART to being an ARTIST.