Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sand Casting and Springtime

In Class there is this wonderful stuff we have been playing with,

It's called Delft Clay.

And I love it.

Really, it's a fancy type of sand-casting....dutch-imported sand with some sort of oil or something in it that makes it squishy and not dry out over time. I never really expected to get into the casting this semester as much as I have, and have been enjoying the exposure to all sorts of different ways to cast. This one, I think, is my favorite.

Sand-Casting is pretty simple, archaic stuff. It's as old as metalsmithing itself, and if you have a torch and this kit from Rio, you can do it in any tiny don't need fancy burnout kilns, it's instant gratification, and it's a great way to burn up all that scrap you'd rather not send in....(it really hurts to take a 15% cut when you send all your metal away to "cash-in", and I know that's normal and maybe even a good deal, but it hurts just the same. I like to keep my hard-earned money, thanks.)
I scrounged up this adorable little antique button and this seashell to make a casting from, and they really turned out lovely. The detail you can get with the delft clay is simply awesome, and like I said, It's instant gratification.....didn't turn out the first time? just quench it and do it again, re-using all your mess-ups for a good cast. Fast, fun, and pretty simple.

Here's what I created with the cute little rose button....

three little rose-buds for the spring thaw ahead.....

Flush Settings.
New Territory for me.

one in fiery red Garnet

One in a teal Montana Sapphire

One in a little larger Golden Citrine.

(Love these pictures. Flower Bud knuckle-busters.)

just listed in the shop today.
Happy Thaw everyone.