Monday, August 20, 2012

The moon and me...



simple is all I want.

In all the chaos of days going too fast,
seasons rolling by,
Time seems like a blur.

The only constant is the chatter of the day, 
and the peaceful quiet of the night.


The moon and I keep eachother company,
Every exhale is an understanding...
a peace pact made.

We nod to eachother in agreement...
Knowing that the only constant is change.

even in the moon's waxing and waining.
It's still there, 
up there,
in the dark.

Cyclical. Changing. Yet always the same.

There's some comfort in that, really.
That something you do not always see is still there.

This is a series of jewelry I've been working on....
light. easy. simple. clean.

Darkness for our New moon.

Lightness for our Full moon.

And the constant pattern of simplicity it provides.