Sunday, October 14, 2012

Boss Hen

Backyard farming is, to say the least, entertaining.
These hens are hilarious...becoming more and more aware that their voices exist, and man do they use them.
Jesse and I have perfected the imitation.
It cracks us both up.
what funny birds.

In the garden, I am followed everywhere.
Or watched.
Or bossed.
I can't tell.

Make no mistake,
this is the boss hen.

She knows it too.

Winny the Boss.

She runs a tight ship.
No messing around in front of her,
no eating things that she deems hers...
she is first.
and that's the bottom line.


I have been in the studio a lot today, 
a lot lately actually.
I've run out of back-stock for two shops in town,
so have found myself hammering away the days...
and it's warm and inviting inside the bungo.

One thing I have found though...

I think it's the fall air,
the changing of the leaves,
the smell of winter coming.

I can't focus worth sh**

I just want to eat pie,
and drink coffee till 4 in the afternoon...
and dilly around in the yard.
While I still can.

I planted mums.

I've organized my closet.
I have done more laundry than what's healthy.
I want to tackle things like apple butter
and boot shopping.
I think I would rather socialize
than sit in my usual comfortable solitude of studio days...

Fall makes me crazy.
An ever cyclical part of the season,
where things start to rest...
and things start to change.

I feel this bug inside me, 
itching out,
almost every fall since as long as I can remember.
I get antsy. 
I get impatient, somehow connecting
 that my life isn't so much different
since the last time I felt this way.
and sometimes it's aggravating.
downright maddening.

That I cant just *be*

If Winny heard all this unrest,
she'd be sure to squash it.
Keep the peace, so to speak.
Make sure those hens keep it down.

I can hear her sometimes...

"shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.ut. UUUUUP.

It ain't all that bad, you loud and sqwaaking birds.

Settle down, or I will settle you, FOR YOU."


SO in all my studio unrest...
or boredom,
or procrastination,
or probably a healthy pattern of exploration

I made some winny-inspired silver bits.


~Paddle Earrings in Sterling Silver~

and WINNY.
Silver Wyandotte.
~Paddles in Sterling Silver~

A set of earrings
with textures and stamps that remind me
of this loud and bossy girl.
 for your ears.
Whether you choose to hear the boss hen or not...
well that's your choice I guess.
But at least they are close to where you might hear them...
more than you probably want to.

Winny says it best.

Be sure you are in control.
of your bug.
your itch.
your restless-ness.
your nit-picking.

Keep the peace,
and keep your windy opinions to yourself.

you'll get an earful, for sure. 
and maybe a shove in the right direction...

Mother hen.