Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Whitefish Gallery Nights!

October's Gallery Nights have crept up on me...

And I have just finished my set-up at a wonderful little shop downtown...the purple pomegranate.

and Gallery Nights wrote up this little ditty.

heck yeah.
Gotta love that.


I should have some pictures for you tomorrow,
as the opening is from 6-9 tomorrow night.

I'll post some good shots, and some more on life in the studio...
but for now,

I need a hot spiced chai...
its that season....
maybe a pumpkin chai...

and another 10 hours or so in the studio to feel 
*caught up*

but mentally, 
it might take longer than that : )

This whole past two weeks have been a true ass-buster.
I have so much to say,
and really no time to say it.

So here's a re-cap.

purse stolen.
iphone gone.
tears shed.

police report made on a day
where 10 hours in the studio still wouldn't have cut it.
Art show culminating a year's worth of business building,
went off without a hitch : )
and a few new dear friends made.
Show huge success.

A phone call with sad news for family and friends.
death is such a sad thing.
mourning is such a process.

Custom christmas orders (already?) placed.
New shows in the works for the holidays.
and an installation at the Purple Pomegranate just finished.

Dishes piled up.
Every leaf in my yard golden.
Dust from unfinished landscape projects settled.
Garden left to the chickens.

Time for that tea.