Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Handmade Holiday!

 There are times where it seems appropriate.

to step outside your comfort zone.

to challenge yourself.

to embrace this "artist" thing, this "entrepreneur" crazy hair.

and take your future,
in your own hands, 
mold it into something you like,
and then...

throw it out into the world.

just to see what happens.


The Handmade Holiday was just that.

an idea. snowballed.

into something I liked.

Into something a band of artist friends can be proud of.
Into something I am proud to have made possible.


Weeks before, here are some prep shots of studio time.

Cuz I lived in the bungo for at least 2 weeks before this thing happened : )

hammering, bending, banging, printing.
a sort of santa's workshop!

I sewed bunting, made signs, cards, postcards, tags...
banged away at bracelets, silver stacker rings, and other awesomes.

And the beautiful sign hand-painted by the lovely Callie Cooper.
(born-again jewelry designer/ should-be florist and martha stewart re-incarnate)
a fellow founder. 

I don't know what I'd have done without her.

And Miss Heidi to give the thumbs up on the sign..
another founding gal whose hard work and bad-ass pots brought so many folks to this thing...
another martha-stewart...only way cooler.

The friday evening reception was a stinkin' blast...

and the goods were so freakin' cute!

8 artists together in one old cabin...

a photographers dream..really.

stone and silver.
gold and coral.
painted pieces.
hand-bound books.
cards and paper goodies...

My stuff all set up and ready to go...

I'd say that was a hit.

and an annual thing to come.


It's amazing what a little snowball can do...