Friday, December 14, 2012

Rag and Stone Holiday Giveaway!

This year, 2012...

I've found something this year.

I've found a lot of myself... in the act of MAKING.
Building a business.
Building me...
an artist.
a word I used to hide from.
Putting the unanswered parts of me into metal and stone.
sometimes finding the answers there.
Sometimes creating more questions.
But always, I've found comfort in my craft...

This year I found myself 
Putting on my big girl panties.
and running.

the start of this year I brought to the table a lot about 
a business.
a future.
and to do this without the love, support, and hurraw
of you.
well that's just crazy.

There's so much I could say about how my life has changed this year, 
about how my attitude has shifted...
about how I have grown.
As a person, an artist, a business owner.
About this never really could happen without your support.
financially, yes.
but in other ways too...
I could say I owe you one.

Thank you. 

Art is hard.
And if you don't have the people around you who believe in what you do,
it is damn near impossible.

This year.
2012 boils down to the support and foundation
of my customers, many of whom are friends too.

so again, THANK YOU.

here's what I want to give you.
a token of thanks and gratitude.
A Merry Christmas to you.

There's 3 gifts I'd like to give.

The first,
a coupon...
50% off anything in the shop!
and a set of pebble studs...

the second,
a pendant.
made with tibetan turquoise.
because we all know how I've been 
loving the turquoise lately.
A solitaire feather.

something like this on the back...

for flying.
for building your path.
for keeping close to your heart.
(I haven't picked the stone yet,
but I will. and I'll get her up on the blog asap.)

and the third...
A Rag and Stone Care Package.
All the things I love.
for you.
for a happy new year.

***One package of Farmers Market Blend Coffee, whole bean. 
because there is nothing like good, locally-roasted coffee.
***One 24 pack of Montana Gold Rooibos Tea.
My favorite.
***A Heidi Haugen Mug to drink your tea/coffee out of...
(a dear friend and potter whose work is dyno-mite!)
***One paper star the ones in the bungalito.
***A set of Pebble Hoop Earrings.
I wear mine every day.
***NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME, sticker. Mantra.

***the piece you've been eying in the shop.
whatever it is.
you name it.

Merry Christmas, ya'll!




so go ahead.


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Giveaway ends 11:59 pm Dec. 20th!
I'll tally entries on the morning of the 21st.
I'll post winners the morning of the 21st...
'cuz we gotta get these in the mail for Christmas!