Friday, February 1, 2013

Arrows for Athena...

Teeny Tiny Arrows.
Sterling silver.
Lace Agates.

Through this process...
this warrior stance at the bench this week....
I have realized what an interesting conundrum this is....
lace and arrows.

something so delicate, 
torn if abused,

and something so fierce.
altogether warrior.

What an interesting pair.
I thought of Athena.

I googled it.

Athena: Goddess of Just Warfare,
 Intuition, Divine Inspiration, 
Courage, Wisdom, 
Arts and Craft, 
Law and Justice, 
Mathematics, Craft, and Skill.

So these little babies are "Arrows for Athena"
Warrior Earrings.
A delicate balance between 
the feminine and the fierce.

In the shop today.