Thursday, March 28, 2013

Caye's Calling

An old tin,
red and worn,
hides some of my most favorite of traveling trinkets.

Mostly seashells.
A few coins from foreign countries.
Stick pearls. Beach trash.
Old washed-up poker chips,
bleached from the sun.
A snapshot of a fence made of surfboards...
when you had to print your photos
with film, paper, and patience.
Before electronics were *smart*
and the internet was something
you had to have a library card to use.

This is a tin of me.
A hinged glimpse into who I wanted to be,
when I wasn't being me.
I feel it as a long-lost echo,
 hollering down the hall.
And I can just barely hear it still.

Now I stand in one place,
for awhile.
Staring at that tin.
Soaking up the filtered sunshine in my studio.
Remembering that there was a time
I was unafraid of change.
In fact, I was addicted to it.
I was restless, wreckless, and stupid.

I miss that me sometimes.

and I miss the ocean.


*Caye's Calling*

Tibetan Turquoise,
chosen for it's likeness 
to the color of the caribbean.
Original and one of a kind acid etching in sterling silver.
Hung from a 16" sterling link chain.