Friday, April 12, 2013

Lionheart, Warrior #4

Oh Little Lionheart.
I see you standing
in a fog of your own doubt
and misfortune.
Skinned knees and soggy eyes.

But a fire is stoking inside you.
Burning coals eventually light something
bigger and brighter.

Like a twig snapping in the forest,
something snaps inside you.
Snaps you out of your misfortunes,
your repetitions,
your struggles and your mistakes.

You pick yourself up,
dust yourself off,
and stuff one foot in front of the other.
Up and forward,
pulling on those bootstraps.

Believe in yourself, little lion.
Your strength is a part of you, 
ingrained in you.
It's a part of your heritage,
a long line of strength and honor.

A long line of fighters.

Extraordinarily Courageous you ARE.

You are a woman.
A part of this family...
(No coincidence they call a family of lions a PRIDE.)

Don't forget that,
Keep stuffing your steps forward.

Big and Bold,
with a golden heart and crown.

Mook Jasper from Australia.

Size 8.25 on a medium band.