Saturday, June 15, 2013

that season....

it's here!
My favorite season.

The dirt season.
The flowers,
the food.
OHHHH, the possibilities!

Vegetables have homes,
seeds are in the ground.
Flower pots have been filled with soil,
and cleaned up for the new season of vegetation...
A new patch of raspberries from a gracious garden-friend,
and chickens in their new run.

Perennials in,
and then re-rooted.

The tenacity and heartiness of perennials is inspiring.
such tough chicks.
Taking a beating,
and brushing it off like it's nothing...

I wish sometimes I were that tough.

I have to admit,
I've been in the dirt more these last two weeks than in the studio.
I hate to say, 
finding that balance has been really hard this year.
All I want to do is be tired and dirty at the end of the day...
with something colorful and happy to show for it.
Tired bones and body,
peaceful mind.
And this garden sure is coming along,
with a little love,
and time.

I received a note from a wonderful customer this week via etsy,
wondering how the season is,
lamenting her wait on a special piece in the shop 
that was snagged up before she could "pull the trigger",
 and she inquired on new work.

uhhhhh, new work?
Oh yeah!  I'm a metalsmith.
I almost forgot, in all this gardening.
In this 60 degree sunshine,
I could be outside all day,
every day.

so here it goes....
to jumpstart my studio brain,
and motivate.
The plants are happy, 
and now I am procrastinating....

I promise.
By the end of the month.
In purples, and mustard yellow.
A whole slew of 'em.

perennial warriors.

The season is here...

Tex says so.