Monday, June 17, 2013

that which your heart contains...

This piece sold at the ARTfest in Spokane last weekend.
I didn't even get the chance to tell you about it.

The back reads:



Isn't that the truth.
Ringing clearer than ever...
that message sits with me in a weird way...

My heart lately is
What DOES my heart contain, really?

I've dived into the season here,
60 degrees and sunny.
Garden gloves in hand,
a hobby turned obsession as of late.
The cool mornings and sunny afternoons
make for great transplanting weather,
and it's still early in this northern gardening zone.

A happy and tiring way to sort out my mind.
There is no better peace than what I find when I am dirty,
under my fingernails there seems to be happiness.

My mind...
Occupied, to say the least.
I've got family rolling around in my head.
past and present,
the current state of mine.
The continuing change of relationships,
the evolution of proposals, weddings, and babies.
And that circle that defines us.
oh geez.

And work, work is a bed of new.
3 wholesale accounts,
6 shows...
one down, 5 to go.
Two out of state.

But my heart....
my heart is full.
Or at least it's trying.
and my garden....
my garden kicks ass.

I've started a promised set of warriors,
and perennial warriors they are.
Seasonal strength.

This hits me right in the gut, as I have come to know myself as a seasonal warrior,
and I believe we all can be.
Isn't there a season in your life where everything moves quicker,
or slower,
and how that defines your character....
whether you sink or swim in that new quick-ness.
or that quiet.

The ebb and flow of our seasons....
Nothing stays the same, but some things never change.
In the meantime,
I think I'll go get dirty.
Because that's my solace lately.
my peace.

Happy Digging.
xo Erin