Thursday, August 8, 2013 work!

cute little aventurine
size 7.75
horizontal and sassy

Malachite Pendant on rope chain,
with a sweet little vine pierced on the back.
hangs at 18"

Tibetan Turquoise
(of course)
Ring size 9.25
Double Hammered band,
beefy and tough.

The COOLEST little piece of Willow Creek Jasper
(cut by my main rock man, Merlin)
a stunner of a rock, almost a painting.

I couldn't bare to cover the back of this stunner,
so cut a little peephole out of the back.

Hangs on a rectangle 18" chain.


these puppies will be in the shop today!


In the glory of the summers in Montana,
and the blurs of summer shows,
(count 'em, SIX!)
the countless hours of prep...
and the 16 hour studio days...
the rest of today is for resting.
for being happy.

I am headed to the garden.
With Tea.
in my new straw hat.

happy girl, indeed.

XO Erin