Friday, December 13, 2013

The Well of Creativity

Balanced on silver pebbles, 

and dressed in petals,

A Sterling Silver and Tibetan Turquoise Pendant.

The back, 
a silver medallion placed concave,
in a layered construction of depth...
a puddle of light versus dark.

The well of creativity...

Awhile back,
It occured to me....
and has been a source of much discussion this year
both with other artists,
and with my own heart.

From where does creativity come?
Is it a blast of light?
Is it a fury like fire?
Does it burn?

Is it like a spring from the bedrock of our existence,
bubbling up to bring fresh life,
to carefully construct rebirth and renewal?

what IS creativity?
Does it wilt?
Will it die?

 I have thought a lot this year on potential,
on my own personal well,
whether or not my well could run dry...

Peering down is startling,
because the reflection below
 staring right back at me

 It takes much energy,
sometimes a stupendous amount,
To draw from within.

This process of dipping into creative work,
to truly swim around in that depth, an artist's potential,
the possibilities of a future full of triumph and successes,
and a path of small failures, of contrition, of closed doors..

It is an act of faith, really.
Faith in yourself.
Faith that you not only see your reflection, 
but you realize that you are capable of looking beyond it...
that what you find beyond your mirrored image
is dark and cloudy, but not a mystery.
It's just dark because the light hasn't quite hit it at the right angle yet.

So here I offer a well,
a creative bowl of possibilites...
a place to remember the depth of your own character.
A place to honor your creative potential.
A medallion for creative work.

A place where light and dark work together,
where they dance and play with eachother.
Dark for the sake of light,
Light for the sake of Dark.