Friday, January 3, 2014

a path anew

A snowy ski day,
just me and the tex.
Long strides,
strong strides.
I feel the weight of my bones riding the weight of my skis.

The silence of the snowy forest.

the crunch of our feet on crusty snow.

my breath lingering in the cold air.

The company of an old friend.

For the new year,
I hope you feel the strength of your own bones.
I hope you trust your muscles, your balance, your soft breath.
I hope your strength leads you to somewhere where the wind can whip your face,
and you feel the sting of newness.
Feel it and be happy.

I wish us all
the grace of a switching step,
the confidence to do so,
and the power to push on.

To 2014, my friends.
To a fresh year.

xo Erin
and tex.