Saturday, April 26, 2014

On loss and chicken farming

Wednesday Night,
a sad and tragic day of our urban farm.
A chicken massacre.
4 lives lost.
One survivor.
No suspects....not even a print.
With a game camera and a fierce indignance,
we replayed the nights after,
expecting some proud furry animal to try for the last chicken,
but we saw only deer and house cats.
I was hoping for something much more wild.
Something more murderous.

Not to say that loss on an urban farm is unusual,
but after a few days of reality...
 I believe my lax in farming protocol and our lazy gate system
is mostly to blame.
I am a little angry with myself that I could be so easy-going.
And I think it wouldn't be so sad, but Red is now our Lone Ranger....
but "Lucky" comes to mind more....
and may end up sticking as her namesake.
I don't know if Chickens feel loss or loneliness... 
one out of five is almost worse than zero survivors.
But Lucky seems good.....
i think?

Not quite up for some fuzzy new chicks,
I went to the studio...and have honored the fallen with some silver.
A little charm for each of the gals.

Lucky here, hiding her tears?
(honestly, I wonder if this isn't some chicken karma here played out....Lucky was, hands down, the bottom of our pecking order.  I wonder if she planned it, hired out some nasty villain....)

Honorable Mention Bangles
Hand Pierced Fowl

And a piece out of humor for me heals all situations...
A Predator and Prey Bangle...
with Silver Pierced Fox and Chicken Charms...
that "chase" eachother around the bangle....
some say a little sick....but I don't care. 
Natural laws of who stays and who goes...
sad, but the truth is there.

"The Chase"
Predator and Prey Bangle

xo the fallen