Friday, April 25, 2014

Seeds and Pods

A great dusting off is happening here in the Northwest of Montana.
Everything is stirring from the inside....slowly but surely.
Tips of the trees are rushing with energy, vibrant with bushy buds.
Cracks of colors from sleepy buds are almost fully awake.
Green aches it's way out of Winter,
and into the not-too-distant sunny days of summer....

But believe you-me, the winter won't give up so easily here.
Groppel teases me daily, even in the sunshine it coats the landscape
with icy little pellets. 
Rain.....inevitable. Snow....very possible.

Regardless, it's a glorious time of year, 
where seeds and pods drop from our canopy,
where the weather changes on a dime.
My backyard bubbles with the springtime run-off,
and the magpies build their stick-and-swirl house... 
caaa-w-ing as if they were children laughing.

It's springtime here, folks. Seeds and Pods everywhere!

Three Seeds Pendant
Bumblebee Jasper

Seedling Ring
Poppy Jasper
Size 8.5

Seed and Pod Cuff
Crazy Lace Agate
The FIRST cuff I've ever attempted : )