Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Charming Gardeners

The Charming Gardener

A little on this piece.  

I've been hoarding this stone for my Mother for almost a year, promising her at every long-distance conversation that something grande was in the works...something she could wear everyday, something she could brag on, something that fit her. well. And that was a lie, at least in the physical form.  Sometimes It takes more time than you think to watch an idea come to fruition. And I've really only had a chance to get my hands dirty with silver here in the last few weeks, after recuperation of my little surgery and the tricklings of the rest of my crazy summer season. It's all I could do for awhile, really, was sit...try not to stretch funny, and try not to breathe too hard.  Pain killers make your head fuzzy, made me so tired, and so it felt like absolute freedom to FINALLY walk into that happy little studio, bathed in yellow light, and create something after a full week on the couch... crystal clear and overwhelmingly free. It was both perfect and introspective, that time to sit, truly sit, and become part of this promise of something awesome.

 It's been a real dose of reality, that in fact, we are all so fragile, yet so very tough too. 

And It's a surprise, but this piece will end up in her hands after my plane lands in Denver next week.  I never want to make my mama cry, but I know her well enough.....that this might just do it. 

I know not everyone is blessed with a great relationship with their parents, and so this makes it all the sweeter, because my Mama is really a dear confidant and friend. As the years between us matter less and less, the obvious gene pool we share is more a common core than a battlefield.  No doubt, the mirror that is your mother can truly be separating, but for now, I revel in our common denominator. 

Love you, mama, and Happy Birthday.