Friday, November 7, 2014

Voices of the Wilderness: Of space, and a little sumthin for the cause!

TONIGHT! The Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation is at it again! The 8th Annual Fundraiser, 
held in part by local artists, speakers, cowboys, and those of us who find peace in this awesome chunk of land.  I know I do. 

(here's a list of what i mean. herehereand here.)

Here's to this awesome wild place, 
and what it means to us all. 


Jesse and I, circa 2009.  
On the edge of the Chinese Wall, in the heart of the wilderness complex. 
My first trip into "the Bob". 

And a good and soggy one,
 of our pack raft trip last Fall.


There's nothing better than getting lost in the woods.

I'll be donating these pretties to the Silent Auction TONIGHT!