Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fireside Studs and a Squirrel

(From last week's shop update. Sorry! A little late on the uptake here, but hilarious nonetheless.  I re-read this little story I wrote along with the post earrings on Etsy, and couldn't resist sharing.)

These photos are taken on my coffee table,
not three feet from the wood stove we keep roaring this time of year. 
It just so happens I was lucky to be part of a great party and wedding this fall,
one where golden animals seated themselves as centerpieces at each table.
It ALSO just so happens I ended up with a golden squirrel,
after much coaxing from the bride herself,
to give up this golden dude...
at least for a photo or two.

The fire roars behind me,
almost burning the low of my back,
through a few layers of hand-me-down sweaters 
and thick work pants.
but I don't really care today since there's an EXTRA thick coat of frost outside.

There really is nothing like wood-stove heat.
I feel some days it heating up my bones,
through the white and into the marrow.
Days when I feel my most gloomy,
there's nothing like warming my inner grump with this heat.

And practically,
this fire is our only source of heat.
Something that is a beast of burden in, oh, FEBRUARY,
when you're so sick of chopping and gathering and stacking and burning wood,
the mere sight pisses you off. 
But today, the chore seems....kinda nice. 
A gift, really.

And so I linger here a little longer,
take stock of the warm home I can sometimes grumble about,
take in the quality of my life.
It's 3 degrees outside,
ten o'clock on a Wednesday.
And I'm inside my home taking pictures of a gold spray painted toy squirrel.

My life is pretty damn good these days.
Pretty damn good. 

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