Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fire and Hope


Last night the power went out.  
The jelly jars and my mother's old wine glasses were filled with tea lights and twinkle.
The house was warm with the help of our wood-fired stove, 
the *fancy* box of wine on the counter a helpful companion to pass the darkness.
J and I sat on the couch and counted our blessings.
We ate tacos in the dark,
Laughed about bad jokes,
the horrible nativity set I found at a Goodwill almost 10 years ago,
foreshadowing a family and home that would appreciate
 the creepily painted wise men
and handless baby jesus.
 We laughed about the coming zombie apocalypse,
and filled our fireless jelly jars with the rest of the red wine.

In the face of our 3 hour power outage
I've never been quite so content.
Because only in the darkness can you see the light.
Only in the face of adversity do you truly tap into your strengths.
Only in the cold of a winter's power outage
can you truly see what you are thankful for. 

So for the new year,
I am hopeful.

I certainly am grateful.

For you.  For fire.  For creative pursuits.
For a community of artists and dear friends.
For love in the face of 8 years together.
For a roof over this family.
For the prospect of a new year, 
fresh with possibility.

Thank you. 
Thank you for being here and holding my passion
with delicate hands.

Happy New Year, friends.
May 2015 bless us all.