Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hawk Totems for 2015

A Talon. 
A ripping, tearing, torturous tool. 
For less advantaged fowl, 
this curved bit of claw is a murderous thing. 
Something feared and never forgotten. 
Something even the tiniest of field mice know to be true. 

But for a Raptor, 
Talons are POWER. 
Supreme divinity. 
They are sufficiency and sustenance.
In most cases, 
Life or Death. 

It's the power and ferocity of this bird I've found to be magnetic at the start of this year. 
A year shiny with golden light, fierce competition, and with that...
a more critical and competitive eye. 
It's this life or death 
fight or flight
black and white
I feel compelled to lay down in silver and stone and story. 
It's this stark comparison I feel in my heart, 
in my business,
in my home, 
in my world.

It's a make or break year, folks.
Things are either going to take flight and soar,
or stay grounded and fight for a quick death.

That's how I feel about 2015. 
I don't know if it's warranted in my stars, 
or my horoscope, 
or my destiny.
But this year feels like a landmark.
A big ol' revolution around the sun.
A big year.

I've been hard at work to build this business a sustainable one,
and I hope to see 2015 go off into unknown and exciting territory,
That territory I know to be vast and expansive and wild.
Much like the expansive sky of our feared bird of prey. 
Something Montana surely has plenty of. 
Some of that freedom I crave.
Some of that fierceness I have, 
and have yet to harness. 
Some of that "I'm thirty now, so put on those big girl talons and kick some ass."

 I hope to remind myself a few things in this one revolution around the sun, 
because I'm not good on resolutions,
but this'll suffice:

Nothing worth having comes without sweat, blood and tears.
Nothing worth keeping comes without some letting go,
& Nothing stays the same. 


a little strength I feel is needed for this revolution around the sun, 
This 2015. 
I feel fierce and strong and ready.
I truly hope you feel the same, 
and if you don't, 
there's a few talons out there to help a girl out. 

3pm Mountain Standard.
It's gonna be big & good one, folks.

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