Sunday, February 12, 2012


Damsonite Swinging Seasons Necklace.


It's only February,
but there are birds chirping in the snow-dusted trees
and the sound of drip-drip outside my window.
Mild winter drags on and
I long for sprouting seeds. the smell of dirt.
My pale skin wants to soak up the sunshine
that won't be around for another few months.
It's all big sweaters and thick pants,
mittens and hat.
Bundled up and warm,
wishing for some color in this grey landscape.

Slop slop slop.
boots go slopping through the slush.
to a cold icy layer underneath.
a layer I'm afraid will linger longer than I'd like.
My flannel-lined Carhartt's are feeling frumpy,
but they are thick and warm.
I feel like a boy when I wear them.
Today some brown mascara will have to do
to make this girl feel a little more like a girl.

So inside it is....comforting fire and good company.
Hot tea in some pink pomegranate and tahitian vanilla.
Traveling somewhere far away with every sip.

Somewhere feminine.

Somewhere warm with sun.


A necklace for the swinging change of seasons.
For the winter girl
still in those thick work-pants.

~hand pierced and hand fabricated~
~Purple Arizona Damsonite~

~in the etsy shop today~