Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Adventure!

Jesse and I.

Sean and Jake.


I swear there are good looking girls under all those layers!

Katie and Cory...and the Artic Cat!

The way into Ninko Cabin...

10 mile snowmobile access in the wintertime.
We had decided not to bring our ski gear...the avalanche danger in the backcountry this year is very high. Montana has lost 17 this winter, all due to this "hoar-frost", a very unstable snow layer underneath 2 feet of cement snow. SO it was snowmobile access in, and party at the cabin!

This guy. Loves. His. Snowmobile.

The deep first track into the cabin was ridiculous....
so lucky we made it up that hill!

A few jumps off the front porch in celebration of our arrival...

delicious backcountry breakfast....
(everything tastes better in the woods)

And these mountains to escort us.

not a bad adventure.
not bad at all.