Friday, May 4, 2012


 in my tea this morning...
not by chance i believe.


My last day of school is tuesday.
and it is bittersweet.
for lots of reasons.

I've decided not to walk at graduation.

I've decided to write letters, get it all on paper, explaining my disgust, my anger, my disapproval, my concern for the future of what I thought to be an accredited program of professionals in their field.
(and no doubt about it, I will get a few back in return.)

I will burn bridges.  and that is saddening.

Professors....Peers...people I would have considered to be friends. 


Maybe someone will listen.
Maybe I will help change something.

maybe not.

and then I've decided, after all of that, I am going to move on.
I have to let it go.
I need to find some peace with it...
and I think that kind of peace comes with time. 

Time. and Dirt.

are those not the prettiest purple beans you've ever seen?

 one of the 6 raised bed boxes we are assembling this weekend

 It's that season.  
My favorite season. 
I love May more than I love christmas, more than I love dark black french press coffee. 
 It's gardening season!

We are in the process this weekend of building 6 raised beds, a chicken coop, and maaaaybe if we don't wear ourselves out (and our checkbook) we might attempt some posts for our deer fence.  I have never had my own garden, so this is a monumental year.


Erin's first garden.

Tex approves.

I love this sweet shot with the bungo in the background

  Dirt and Happiness for me have always come hand in hand.  I would say I am my happiest when I am filthy dirty, in oversized tees and rolled up jeans with the holes in the butt, sporting some ridiculous head wrap made entirely out of discarded layers of clothing throughout the day, while digging holes in a garden or sitting in the dirt pulling at the ground.  Ridiculous head dress or no,  I am totally comfortable in the garden.  I feel like I can work out anything.  Wars are waged in the garden with the weeds, the pests, the weather, and with myself.  

I can be pissy. rude. impatient. angry. whiney. weak.

....and the beans and the bees and the zinnias, they don't care. 
 They love me anyway.

A little dirt under my fingernails, everything else dissipates.  
Shovel in hand, I am in charge. 
 I make peace with the world in my garden.