Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 ...resonates well this morning.


My dear dear mentor has lost her job at the college.

And this, the end of the semester...


that you either triumphantly jump over,

or you let them sink you.


I believe this is just an obstacle, among life's many turns.

This might just be a kick in the pants...

in the right direction.


also, I believe Karma is a bitch.

so watch out.

she's watching.

and she comes with such vengeance.

Success is only determined by the honor in which you have found it.  If your Success is determined by dishonor and selfishly stepping on those around you, to get what you want, to climb an invisible ladder, then it is not success.  It is betrayal,  mostly betrayal of your own honor.

and well,

that's a damn shame.


So this morning........cheers.

To integrity.


And people with them.