Monday, June 4, 2012

Feathers and Turquoise

Solitaire Tibetan Turquoise ring

In Etsy-Land today !

And the shot of the feathers together...
each specific to their stone.

So stinkin' cute together.

Sorry to have been such a sporadic "blogger".  I have been preoccupied with dirt and seeds in the garden, the new chicken's home outside (thank goodness, chickens stink!) my thoughts all around the weeks gone by,

a blur of grays and greens.

I am stuck on this idea of feathers and turquoise.

Tibetans believe many things about Turquoise, they call it "gyu" .
You have one piece for your life, that changes when you change.
Color, clarity, vibrance.

A talisman meant just for you, specific to your world, your life.

And there are feathers everywhere lately.

on the ground,
behind the rock,
under the truck,
hiding under the porch,
stuck in the brush....

I found one the other day,

jesse says it's from an osprey.

I have been drawing feathers too,
journaling a little...
It seems sometimes the written word is 

sometimes necessary.


Wicked week here, filled with sad news, and grief.


I feel like this concept has it's perfect timing.

turquoise and feathers.

Lost Feathers.

 the leftovers of our hardships.
melting away old pieces,
only to be replaced by stronger ones.

for higher flying.

time to fly.  Don't you agree?