Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Missoula,


Thank you.

Your overwhelming support and rad-ness...
it's inspiring.

Your tattoos are incredible.

Your handmade creativity. whoah.

Your quirky artsy MADE fair stinkin' rocks.

Caras Park is wonderful.

And to the guy who made the Tangerine Sorbet...
will you marry me?

Love, Erin

So I guess all I can do is....head back to the studio.


Soaked in hip-ness.

drenched in Zoo-town.


to say the least.

And I've got to find a sorbet.
nothing worth comparison to the stuff I had. 
But it'll have to do.  

Last night's drive wasn't to shabby either.

Flathead lake all pink-y and calm.

I love where I live.

Have I said that lately?