Monday, July 2, 2012

A little on feathers....

oh how I wish I were a bird... 

I have been exploring this idea.
feathers and sterling.
so opposite...yet I feel like they somehow understand eachother.

Feathers for flying.
Amulets of lightness, 
in all that heaviness.

Feathers for escape, and release.
for traveling higher,

And the turquoise...

who doesn't love turquoise?

Tibetans believe a lot of things about turquoise,
some things I believe carry on to our culture, this day-and-age.

An age where we forget we have feathers,
our freedom is defined by borders we make ourselves.
boxes in place where creativity lacks, or never was an option.
Freedoms we sometimes forget even exist.
*stuck* is sometimes a figment of imagination.
or lack thereof.
*can't* is a dark place, 
with no direction,
and no air.
*won't* is a short ceiling.

Tibetans believe Turquoise is the only stone you'll ever need.
the only compass and lifetime companion you have.

Turquoise is life-blood. 

The *essence*
the *Gyu* (pronounced *yi*)

Turquoise travels with you in life, 
changes color with the waining and waxing of your path,
your mood, your health, your *essence*

Turquoise keeps you from falling.



Today's feather...

sterling silver and tibetan turquoise.

In the Shop today.

Here's to flight without fear, eh?