Friday, October 18, 2013

Sawyer Series: Four Rings you can chop wood in

From left to right:
Sodalite, Carnelian, Jade, Turquoise.

Photo entitled "woodstack".

couldn't help myself.

Three ovals, set sideways,
for when the chopping gets wild, 
and you need all the "knuckle" you can get...

and a sweet slab of square turquoise,
low profile and beefy.

For the woman who works with her hands.
Who isn't afraid to don her jewels while in the dirt.

These rings are hammered, distressed, and come with a heavy patina.
They are meant for the field.
Meant for a heavy beating.
Strong and Stalwart.
Just like a Sawyer.

Because it's October folks.
Old Man Winter is right around the corner.
Better get to choppin'.

XO Erin