Thursday, January 30, 2014

Freeze and Thaw


Flat light covers everything
making it harder to open my eyes,
and I can't tell if it's the brisk temperature
or the heaviness of our northern air.  

This light slides around my collar,
slinks in-between my layers of wool and down,
 breathes down my neck.
A cold and damp breath.

The cold snaps me in the face.

look harder.
let your eyes adjust.

Powdery snow begs for attention,
dancing into swirling whites,
into fresh fir green,
baked chocolate brown,
inky winter black.
The mute of all-white,
in an instant,
 goes glassy and alive.

The dance is all around me.
Freeze and thaw is here.  


Freeze, a Sterling Silver and Rose Quartz Bangle.
For thawing your heart this season, 
for a little powdery-pink love, 
and a little dance around your wrist.


And Thaw,  a Sterling Silver and Prehnite Square Ring.
A garden of icy twigs....
 Remnants of life before winter.

For the light breath of warmer temperatures,
a reprieve from sub-zero.
a hope of springtime green.


and a little *winter* tune for the soul.
This is a lovely band,
and a great studio soundtrack lately...