Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On coffee and resolutions

The smell of coffee.
One of my major motivators to get out of bed for most of 2013,
which I had, for the last two weeks, given up to try my 2014 without caffeine.
Because a little break doesn't hurt. 
And a slight back injury coincidentally over the same few weeks,
 has forced me to slow down,
has required much away-time from my jeweler's bench,
more than I'd like really,
and has forced me to slow my warp-speed
to something of a light walk.
(Insert dust-laden chirping crickets in the studio here...)

Saturday was my first cup back.
And it was glorious.
I. mean. GLORIOUS.

The dark beans.
The grind.
The boiling kettle.
The pour.
The smell.
The first sip.

Funny how this ritual can make a person who they are, 
round their frowns into smiles,
curb their sharp words into kindly spoken song,
place hope and positivity firmly in the hand of the holder.

How something as simple as a good cup of coffee can change an entire day.

A thick cup of joe just so happens to be my *small thing*
A centering process in foggy mornings. 
A day ahead that once was empty, is now full of possibilities.

I'm not saying coffee *fixes* me,
I don't think it's healthy to lean on anything that hard.
But I do believe there is much to be extracted from a simple treat.
From slowing down, breathing in a few deep-bellied breaths,
and giving your small thing proper respect,
and really concentrating on it.

So much of our yearly resolutions are about cutting back,
about cutting out, or doing less of something...
but the eternal optimist in me sings to a tune where
I'd much rather add than subtract.

I've decided on focusing on MORE of the good stuff,
in good conscience and in moderation of course...

Because who says a cuppa joe shouldn't make you absolutely head-over-heels about your life?
why shouldn't you get giddy about that little thing? 

When the sun is just barely giving light to a frosty morning start,
I'd like to slow down this year and feel the steam in my face.
I'd like to spend time in that moment.
Savor it. Respect it.

I'd like to respect that not everyone can take the time in a morning to worship their beverage,
that sometimes the rush and hurry of life is unavoidable.
I'd like to enjoy the sweetness of my life,
my employment as a gift,
even with all it's riddles and question marks.
Because not many can roll out of bed whenever they please,
saunter out to work that is 20 feet from the front porch,
usually in sweat pants and slippers.
Not many can do this.

I'd like to respect the possibilities
 in the bottom of a well-brewed and well-enjoyed cup of warmth.
Because in this home,
There is health in being happy.

Even if it's just a cup of coffee.