Friday, June 27, 2014

on patience

The wave was in this week...with all the rain we'd had.
The North fork of our river system,
a beautiful place.

I calmly bask in our afternoon mountain sun,
sipping on tea packed in a thermos.
Contemplating the fact that,
even the end of june,
It's still not quite summer here....
the puffy coat is still in the quiver of acquirable layers...
and I am in hand warmers meant for brisk-ier days of Montana.
But today,
 that's just fine with me.
Everything in time.

Not a bad time to meditate on this elusive virtue called patience.

Patience has never been *my* virtue.
Most certainly not.
But today is a practice in meditation.
And a breath of fresh mountain air. 

My man runs the river,
the one that only swells at the perfect amount of rain and run-off, 
on a board not quite for him,
lapping the elusive wave,
over and over and over again,
swimming the eddy
and then hiking the bank back up. 
Talk about patience.

A beautiful place to meditate.
Taking patience lessons from the old furry man.
And the one in the wetsuit.