Thursday, July 10, 2014

The dust that settles and a surprise!

I've been trying to keep these a secret until it was the perfect time to share...
I drove around all last week with them in the pick-up,
thinking it might be a great time to share them while on the road. 
As they *are* for jottings on the road....
But all good things happen in time.

I came home from a week away,
perusing the southern border of our tremendous state,
basking in prairie sunshine, small towns, and rolling farm-land,
after sending off some dear friends through the great big door of marriage.
One hellova wedding, folks.
Complete with hay bales, rodeo, a few gorgeous montana sunsets , and great friends. 

 I came home
to a garden well past her expiration date....
my fleet of peonies burnt up by our July heat.
The gardens have moved on.
And that's just fine.

The cab of our truck is covered in a glittery dust
that can only be acquired by driving too fast on dirt roads.
The collection of roadside snacks and bad gas station coffee jump out the sides of the truck,
as proof of our adventure,
 onto the gravel driveway outside my home.
I smile.
That was a good trip.

These gorgeous little postcard notes I had printed before we left
were tucked safely away,
hiding from gooey candy and spilled coffee.
Waiting patiently.

I dug them out of the front seat,
these little carded beauties,
to reassure me that, yes, these peonies were as stunning as I remember.
Only a week has gone by,
I already miss them, and the garden is significantly different without them.
But I feel refreshed in all this unpacking,
and all this shaking out of the dusty week behind us.
I maybe even feel a little different myself.
More blooms to come, I think to myself,
and smile again. 

Funny how quick a season can change.
And how fast it can blow by you when you're having fun. 
Funny how wonderful it is to see burnt up flowers
make room for the next round of blooms.

In honor of some bygone beauties...
and the ones to come.....
the settling of dust after a good trip out of town,
and the beauty of receiving a handwritten note.


A set of seven original photographs,
on postcards.
Blank on the back,
for your scribbling pleasure. 
For writing home.

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