Monday, August 30, 2010

I have been listening to a little Tom Petty ever since I started stealing CD's from my dads collection when I was in middle school. "Full Moon Fever" is that one Tom Petty CD i could listen to any time, and just love it. The song "Into the Great Wide Open" has got a great line in it that reminds me kind of what I was thinking when I chose to stamp INTO THE BLUE on the back of this purdy little ring.

Into the great wide open
under them skies of blue
out in the great wide open
a rebel without a clue

This ring is all about the wide open, the opportunity that lies ahead, the future that is all yours.

THis ring, for me, is also all about patience, and man did i learn the hard way on this one!

(Just for the record, this ring gave me a real hard time....and I learned a LOT about building this type of ring in the studio...made a lot of stupid totally avoidable mistakes, stuff my professors at school would have shaken their heads at, and the sad thing is I really know better! I rushed through the finishing process, put a hole in the first bezel I made, then realized that the bezel was much too big to begin with, which i think is why i put the hole in it....arrrgh. Sooooo...the lesson here was DO NOT rush through anything...take your time and breathe...and also check and double check yourself...because it sucks to rip apart something you worked hard to make just to replace work that you could have kept if you just did it right the FIRST time)