Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Vintage Whites Market!!


This is an awesome venue! grab a cupcake, some vintage goodies, and grab a peek at some of my newest pieces...

Much adieu to the vendors at this event....these girls down in Somers have got it going on! I had the pleasure of hanging out with these ladies in June as a vendor at their Vintage Whites Market. I have to say this was a huge impacting day, I saw two girls my age (wth great design eye, and obvious work ethic) doing this blog stuff, making an event, a website, and advertising glossy 4x6 cards that I happened to grab in kalispell one day poking around....and then VOILA! I was a vendor with a little table! (and this venue these girls have created is just soooo impressive and inspiring) Up until then I was just doing the farmers markets when I had time....It was the first time I really thought "Heck, I can DO THIS!" Such a cool experience, an eye-opener to say the least. I felt like I could take myself seriously, take my work seriously, Just like these ladies, and make this craft work for me!

Check out their site www.thevintagewhitesmarket.com and be impressed!

And the blogs, oh the blogs....I am learning so much in the past weeks....
and so now, I read twig! and i pick up little pictures with little codes and put them in little places. HAH! got it.