Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holy Mess!

Here's a very un-flattering photo of what i think might be my workspace.....there's so much stuff all over the place! I've got to go get that space all whipped into shape today, woke up this morning with a few new fresh etsy orders (YAY!) and a few things to finish up for friends. Nothing worse than trying to find a file or stone among 50 other things you aren't using and don't need. So the goal is CLEAN and ORGANIZED.....and Productive!

Also thought I would explain my not-so-frequent postings lately. I have taken on SCHOOL in Kalispell at the community college, full time! Everything I know about metal is to the credit of a program there, an AAS in Goldsmithery. That's the end goal, and really all i have left are a few classes this semester and the fall, then I am DOOOONE. So all this bloggy time, between school, homework, full time job, and trying to squeeze in some skiing, has shrunk significantly. BUT i do say this, I LOVE SCHOOL. I lOVE the classes, the professors, the exposure to new technique and new approaches. I am in Casting class, which has broadened my exposure to 3-d stuff....molten metal is VERY COOL. I am also in an advanced bench skills class, where the emphasis is on perfection. If it's cattywhompous, soldered sloppy, made with the smallest measurement off, then it's wrong. It is a very difficult concept, because there is so much about metal that is spontaneous and sloppy and fun. So I guess I am being exposed to the other side of it, where diamonds and gold have GOT TO BE PERFECT. Geeeesh, pressure's on.

Anywho, back to my disastrous desk and my pot of Mat'e, maybe a little breakfast and some Mumford & Sons ( I just bought their cd this week and haven't stopped listening to it....absolutely AWESOME energy, lyrics....if you haven't heard the whole record "Sigh no More" do yourself a favor and DO! I think I might have to build a piece of jewelry around a few of their songs, especially "Roll away your Stone" & "Thistle and Weeds" that, for whatever reason, really speaks to me lately....)