Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So the goal was clean and productive.....

Only took me a few hours....I SWEAR......but this is the cleanest I think this space has EVER BEEN! I found this gorgeous desk yesterday underneath all the clutter and mess of jewelry making (Jesse built this beautiful desk with inlaid copper and a butcher block top last year for me, with a sweeps drawer and everything)......I tend to explode when I create, whether it's the desk, the kitchen table, the work-bench...It's definitely an explosion, the desk tends to disappear....so my new goal is to work in a semi-organized space. See how long that lasts...keep you posted.

I was also surprised to find this at my desk last night, a valentines gift......

If you look a little closer, not just at the fleur, but that pretty little rose is sitting on top of a NEW SHELF TO HOLD ALL MY TOOLS! Beautifully constructed! I have this super fancy drawer to get all my junk and sandpaper and tools and chemicals out of my sweeps drawer, so that I am not dusting it all with bitty sterling and bits of metal everywhere!!!! Best Valentine's day gift EVER. Screw the chocolate and the love notes, this is waaaaaaay better.

Gotta love a man who makes you furniture.

and leaves you a fleur.

I adore him. And not just because of the aforementioned : )