Sunday, February 20, 2011

Studio in a day

Jesse is the most kick-ass boyfriend that ever existed. Here's some photos of things happening in the last 24 hours......

my man.....he is awesome.

front door to a soon-to-be-home for rag and stone!!!!

Reality has hit today.

After Jesse got home from a winter ski trip, he was into the idea of building a space, a portable,movable, draggable, towable studio built for my metalwork....and now it EXISTS!!!! Here's some shots of things happening.......I am still kind of in shock. I am now the proud owner of a 10x12 shed-type building all for ME!

I cant even express how thankful i am for Jesse in my life. I love that man. This is the coolest thing ANYONE has EVER done for me. I could go on and on about how special this is, how much it means to me, such an amazingly cool thing happening here.

A bit of background info: Jesse and I tend to move our lives around....a lot. We move every year, pack up all our stuff, throw it in storage, and take a trip (no rent paid means travel money!). Sometimes we just get bored with the place we are renting, and move to a different home, in an attempt to keep things fresh and fun. Moving is a great way to purge all the crap collected in the year, all the junk you have no idea why you still have, usually ends up in a few dump-runs to the salvation army, or a garage sale. Lately, it's become more than just every year, and we will soon have to move again in April. This all being said, I HATE MOVING. mostly its a drag, because of the studio. Having everything in my studio all packed up and put away is just about the most depressing thing I can think of. The first time I had to pack it up, I cried. Watching your space, your meditation spot, your hobby and passion all but dissappear is heartwrenching. Plus, it's just a bitch to move it all.....Oxygen and propane tanks have to be dis-assembled, things unplugged and packaged up safely, chemicals all put away, tools and anvils have to be hauled. It sucks. A lot.

I could care less about where we move, or even where we sleep (I've got a great tent, and we have the camper, not a huge worry) all that can be improvised.

But the STUDIO.....noooooooo. Not cool.

Solution: Build a studio, moveable by trailer, on skids, that can go on Jesse's dad's property (hiding in the woods and out of the way) and when we figure out what we are doing with our lives (hahahahah!) we can slide it onto some property of our own someday.

I have never felt so lucky. This is so cool. SOOOOO COOOOOOL.