Friday, February 18, 2011

Kacy's booty droppin' wedding cocktail ring!

Jesse and I were at a good friend's wedding in January....(crappy picture, sorry, but you can see the glass thingies i am talking about, and there was more all strewn about some of the tables...)

It is so fun to see weddings, how people put them together, how sentimental the ceremony is (long and drawn out, short and sweet, long and boring, theatrical?) But mostly, the thing I love about weddings is, and i don't mean to sound like a wedding snob....but I love the FLAVOR.

I love the little accents, the fun funky and creative things people do, things guests remember about the night, the color, the smell, the FLAVOR of the relationship (gooey lovebirds?, smart and respectable?, kind and happy?, proud and flaunty?), and usually a good account of the bride's taste. It sounds so judgemental, and maybe a little shallow, but I love when weddings SHOW you who the couple is. gall, that sounds shitty. But i mean it in a good way!

That being said, this wedding was a BLAST! Fun, loud, laugh-y, light. The ceremony was light, sentimental, and sweet. Kacy, the bride, bust into laughs a few times during the "serious" parts of the ceremony and the toasts, and the whole evening was just fun.
So this ring really wasn't much of a stretch. There were these chunky glass pieces as centerpiece accents on the tables, along with candles and flowers....really a beautiful combo, the green blue glass and the candlelight. So I snagged one.....not stealing.....right???(although i did get the eyebrow-up-i-cant-believe-you-just-pocketed-a-glass-stone-off-the-wedding-table look from jesse)

Those stones screamed "MAKE ME INTO A BIG FATTY COCKTAIL RING!" I couldn't resist. How cool would it be, as a bride, to get a big ol' ring to wear alongside a wedding ring on nights out, something that says "I AM A BLAST TO BE AROUND AND ARENT YOU JEALOUS??!!

Hence, Kacy's audacious,booty-droppin, laughing all night long, sweetly strong, loving life wedding cocktail ring.

I think she is gonna love it.....