Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mud and Mudders

what would be a road out to the bungalito's new resting just a muddy mess.

Do you ever have one of those happy instances where everything just falls in your lap? I have been feeling that way lately.....this building of a studio still just floors me. I can't even tell you how much this means to me. I have said it before, but this is the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me. An amazing feeling.

SO to add to all that.

I was at work thursday, pouring beer at the Brewery. There are a couple of young guys who come in all the time, and we have dubbed one of them "Pigpen" due to his muddy boots and general dust cloud that follows him around, and all the damn mud we sweep up at the end of the night under where he sat, mostly in the spring because of the construction work he does. So I assume he and his buddies know a little about drywall (bad of me to judge dirty men like that?) I strike up a conversation basically like "hey, I am thinking about tackling some taping and texturing of newly hung drywall, got any tips for me?"

"Yup. Let us do it."

uhhhh, what?

Apparently if you dont know anything about mudding a room, and were planning on struggling through it by yourself, you should go to a local brewery, find a couple young guys who are bored, thirsty for beer, and tell them you plan on doing it yourself. They will laugh at you, show up at your house the next morning earlier than promised (and after a night out sleeping in for these guys) ready to mud a bungalito!

I am eternally grateful for these guys, and am so happy to report that there are good people still out there! (Ladies, if you are ever in doubt about the extinction of good men in this world, let me assure you they are still out there, and I swear most of them live in Montana. They live in carhartts and apparently congregate at a local brewery.)

Tarn looking 6 foot 11..

Tex loves his new porch.

These three guys, TJ, Evan (Pigpen), and Tarn worked all day......

Can't say enough how grateful I am for these three guys. They are awesome and I couldn't thank them enough.

Dear good guys,
Thank You. I owe you some beer.

and they did a great job too....

Now for the fun......PAINT.