Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Firsts and Finalities

Merry Christmas Everyone!

First tree at 545 west 8th street.
and Tex's first ornament...a hedgehog.
The hedgehog, or Hedgie, is the only toy
I have ever known Tex to play with. Ever.
so it fits.

Lots of firsts this year.
Went to Alaska.
and Kayaked in the Ocean.
Bought a house. gulp.
Took my Jewelry to some "Art" shows.
Moved a building.
Did some soul-searching.....
and quit my day job.
the one with a paycheck.

That last one is starting to sink in.

I am staring at the last boxes of custom orders for Christmas.

holy moly.

This month has flown by.
I haven't been out of my studio space since thanksgiving really.
Things are starting to look very small.
Jewelry stuff is small.
incomprehensibly so lately.
I think it's time for a break.
my eyes could use a break.
You should see the list I made myself.
and all of it crossed off....
(insert fist-pump here)


so I did what any christmas loving fool would do.
i made cookies.
frosted ones.
with sprinkles.

not so small. more forgiving. sloppy fun.

I hopefully will squeeze in a ski this week.
snow hasn't quite made it's usual appearance here.
and the ski hill is hurting.
someone said they saw dirt on the front side of the mountain today.
sticks and stuff out of the little snow we do have. eew.
not exactly ideal conditions.

Pray for snow.

(I think the snowflake cookies should help)